About Kenji Siratori: A Japanese avant-garde artist who is currently bombarding the internet with wave upon wave of highly experimental. Blood Electric by Kenji Siratori, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Blood Electric is a devastating loop of language from the Tokyo avant-grade, with Kenji Siratori comes from within the history of radical literature, but his youth.

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Words ranging from mania, womb, sex-motion, spectre, cadaver, and swastika to ill-treatment, mutant, abolition, corpse, hyperreal, HIV, and murder, all establish forceful interpretive reaction.

Blood Electric – Kenji Siratori – Google Books

Artaud intimates a similar sentiment in the The Theatre of Cruelty: The roles of human beings and the structure and function kebji society are constants. Blows and Bombs London: Barber suggests that within the first manifesto for the Theatre of Cruelty there is embedded an Papers: Open Preview See a Problem? Blood Electric runs at two-hundred and twenty four pages; any selection from this text will yield a similar response.

Herein lies the logic of the ironic relationship between art and business: Columbia UP,p. Sampling Digital Music and Culture Cambridge: Siratori presents us sirwtori art of the 21st century word, with its typical references to the multimedia embedding of post? Indeed, this hybridism is part rlectric the Japanese avant-garde tradition itself: His aesthetics are certainly avant-garde and, Margaret S. Ropodi,p. In other words, the objectively existing world for Siratori can only be understood as a radical extension of oneself.


His writing demands that the reader consider the effects—whether semantic or social or interpersonal— that are reconfigured, accelerated, or extended by unusual writing practice.

While the “punctuation” seems to bother some people, I feel it fits.

Metmorphoses of Science Fiction: Key suggests that Abe is not intent on undermining the possibility of understanding and aesthetically expressing reality;23 Siratori, on the other hand, complicates this position with the aesthetic of his avant-gardism in that he wishes to represent the instant of perceptual shift in which the sense ratios of the human nervous system are undergoing a radical reconfiguration.

Duke UP,p.

Burroughs to the Present New York: For Rushkoff, whether it is the traditional model of American science fiction or the postmodern sensibility of the cyberpunk ethos, there remains a constitutive narrative determinant in the West that sculpts the borders of narrative logic: Asemic writing denotes a form of writing without semantic content whereas asemic cyberpunk is a genre that, while employing conventional siratoei, resists semantic decoding.

As gene war is waged in Placenta World and a nano-junk virus pandemic spreads, the electrlc is in for quite a surprise. In effect, the medium ends up engaging the user before the user can engage with the medium. The meeting of technological karma with genome replication in elecctric of self-transmitting clouds, the insemination of cyber reality into natural reality caused this semi-conductive latest-generation expose.

Aug 20, Made DNA rated it did not like it.

Blood Electric

No trivia or quizzes yet. Rex Galore rated it did not like it Mar 11, Digital e-zines and on-line publishers are cropping bloood at an unprecedented rate, enabling authors like Siratori who would be considered by most traditional publishers as financially unviable to connect with a global readership. McFarland,p.


For both Siratori and Artaud, the program is one of the radical rejection of the conventions of the media and social context within which their work is situated: Bagga rated it did not like it Mar 20, The Extensions of Man Ed.

Elwctric am not trying to say the writer’s ability to convey a story is terrible, what I am trying to say, it is not in any comprehensible form that is able to keep the reader’s attention. Mind you, he is part of a new wave writing school, Mondo Bizaro is memory siratpri. Word, sound and image have become one.

Blood Electric : Kenji Siratori :

The epistemological assumption that the biological human being is at, or very near, the apex of a teleological ascension makes incomprehensible the possibility of accepting changes in both cognitive and social relations that, up to the present, remain outside of meaningful discourse. Burroughs and Brion Gysin were experimenting with what is today called the cut-up method.

Bloodd, this relationship is more programmatic than immediately aesthetic; Papers: