Despite the oppression of women in Egypt, El Saadawi attended The University of Cairo, graduating with a degree in psychiatry; Her radical. In Camera has 43 ratings and 6 reviews. Andrew said: El Saadawi’s In Camera is prime 20th century Dehumanization literature. The book shows the oppress. Between these two stories “In Camera” by Nawal EL Saadawi and “Punishment” by Rabbindranath Tagore, there are many similarities and differences. First.

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Yet, when Leila thinks of the suffering she has nwal, and the corruption of the higher officials, she becomes fully mentally aware of her feelings towards them. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: If people are bind to rule and logic all the time, then what is human. Saadawi tells us the story about Leila Al-Fargani, a young interdependent woman, living in the constrained civilization where she, as all other women, was restricted to participate in political issues, educational learning as well as the labor market.

Mar 28, Lexi rated it it was amazing. Dec 10, LeeAnn rated it it was amazing.

In Camera – A Study of World Literature

This is a depiction of someone in power and by being in power over the protagonist who feels they have no voice, he is a villain.

Bob Cat rated it it was ok Oct 02, How did you do on your exam?

The declared closed trial shows that judicial branch is not going to treat this woman case fairly and humanly. His thoughts sum up how entirely backwards this patriarchal society is, for instead of feeling pity for his daughter like any caring father would, he is ashamed of her.


But it was very fascinating that although the victim was accused of being the criminal, the moral values that people have did not get swayed because of the power of the judicial branch. When, inher name appeared on a fundamentalist death list, she and her second husband, Sherif Hetata, fled to the USA, where she taught at Duke University and Washington State University.

Read this for a Class, really good book. She was released one month after his assassination. Woman are much more than just a sheathe for your dagger. Arwa Al shareef rated it really liked it Nov 23, It was at this time that she began to write, in works of fiction and non-fiction, the books on the oppression of Arab women for which she has become famous.

Jenn McCollum rated it really liked it Jun 27, As if to say the only good thing about having a girl is the value of her physical beauty. Her humanity stripped from her, trying to call for water but having lost her voice. She is also suffering a terrible pain from a wound in her lower abdomen caused by the rapes.

It was heartbreaking to read in her point of view, and even in her parents’ when it would suddenly jump between perspective.

Dictate This.: A Feminist Approach and Analysis to El Saaddawi’s “In Camera”

Thank you for opening up and giving us a real world and personal response to the reading. Inshe established the Arab Women’s Solidarity Association, which was outlawed in Leila was reduced to an animal.


Taking over the Internet, one rant at a time, since Jonathan Alba rated it liked it Jul 01, Women are valued most only for being a tool to be used for pleasure and to bare a child but then it is also the way they are most tortured for.

Daniela rated it it was amazing Dec 28, She is simply stating her point of view, a freedom of expression, that should be a God given right for everyone in the world.

Mandy rated it it was amazing Feb 19, Human will simply be a machine. Leila, the narrator of the beginning of the story, is a woman in an Arabic nawak who is on trial for expressing her personal beliefs on the corruption of the patriarchal government.

If camsra had been a man, he would not be suffering now the way he was. The book shows the oppressive rule of an unnamed government and it’s iron fist against outspoken individuals such as Leila, who also happens to be a woman, regarded as inferior in the culture. Nawal El Saadawi cakera achieved widespread international recognition for her work. Grace Wilhite rated it really liked it Jun 13, Mitch rated it it was amazing Apr 17,