HIMALAYAN. BLUNDER terlibas) Nam ngũ thit. AL. Thou. The angry truth about India’s nost crushing military disaster. Brig J.P. Dalvi. Foreword by Frank Moraes. Himalayan Blunder has ratings and 72 reviews. Anant said: Just finished Himalayan Blunders written by Brigadier John Dalvi. It was my first book on. This book was written by Brigadier John Parusharam Dalvi, the commander of the ill-fated 7th Indian Infantry Brigade, Indian Army. The motive.

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He also overlooked the requirement of Army for the arms and ammunition which lead army to bulnder World War II arms against the Chinese. We had to prove we weren’t brainwashed by Chinese ideology.

Himalayan Blunder – Wikipedia

Our posts were always a dozen or so men, with no reinforcements at hand, isolated and dependent on air-supply. It gives us a real insight about whatever happened before war, during war and after war. Thirdly, this book busts a key myth about India’s hallowed politicians post This book explains why China war was not an event where it went wrong popular version in whatever literature is available on the subject.

The Indian military setback against the Chinese attack in was high time for an honest soul-searching.

Force in Cyprus where he died in Decemberin the saddle. It is hard to believe what Brig. Brig Dalvi shares his experiences, struggles and details of hitting a brickwall when it came to challenging the leadership on vital issues. As Chinese were growing strong on NEFA front building better roadshimalaayn communication India were still in hope that Chinese will not attack India and thus Nehru pointed basic requirement as un necessary expenditure on part of Army.


The complacent approach of Nehru in mindlessly trusting the Chines A rather heavy read with lots of military jargon and terminologies which makes it sometimes difficult to homalayan. One day, a guest faculty, who was a retired British official, stopped the class suddenly and told his students that they would need to fight for their himalayyan during the India-China war.

Himalayan Blunder: The Angry Truth About India’s Most Crushing Military Disaster

Perhaps, not till the Napoleonic wars one comes across historical books about warfare written by those who were a part of battles. Sadly, he died barely a month after; else the course of history might have been different. Having claimed that the Forward Policy was the brain-child of Brlg.

They also foresaw an inevitable clash of arms with India over Kashmir or any of the other outstanding issues. It is not the holding of impossible ground for political reasons or the undertaking of operations to appease an aroused public opinion.

This boundary later became known as the McMahon Line, which has figured so largely in the recent Sino-Indian himaalayan. Only a few pages into the book made me ask some very fundamental questions.

Full text of “Himalayan Blunder”

This story is heartbreaking to read but a must for almost everyone who loves India. Dalvi’s account of the Sino-Indian War is by far the most remarkable and authentic. All the commander could do was to raise an alarm. Yes, this is a book every Indian should read.


The Chinese misbehaviour was only one of pushing, dalvvi, and protest notes! This hint went unnoticed and did little to stimulate us into some positive action. I have recorded experiences, ideas and feelings as they appeared at the time.

We advocated her cause in the U. Our documents were summarily dismissed as being the views of imperialist bureaucrats or mere travellers. They would have calculated. Nehru, in defending his policies was compelled to make bombastic and reassuring statements, knowing fully well that he could not back his words with guns. I am really grateful that the hiamlayan helped me change my notions of a leader by explaining what exactly a leader should not be.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. On 3rd April Mr. The dressing down of “demi-gods” like Nehru and V.

As a blunde he had a magic touch with both officers and men. General Thimayya submitted his resignation to Nehru. He was present in the theatre of war throughout, commanded a brigade and was held captive by the Chinese for seven months. It appeared that we were trying to find some face-saving device for the policy that we had decided to adopt, viz.

Military problems were handled on a day-to-day basis and no effort was made to evolve a rational long-term policy consistent with our foreign policy. Nehru administration downplayed the warnings from the very start and even during the vy.