HIMALAYAN. BLUNDER terlibas) Nam ngũ thit. AL. Thou. The angry truth about India’s nost crushing military disaster. Brig J.P. Dalvi. Foreword by Frank Moraes. Himalayan Blunder has ratings and 72 reviews. Anant said: Just finished Himalayan Blunders written by Brigadier John Dalvi. It was my first book on. This book was written by Brigadier John Parusharam Dalvi, the commander of the ill-fated 7th Indian Infantry Brigade, Indian Army. The motive.

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After exchanging blow for blow we offered a cease-fire as evidence of our strength and restraint. In the British Government informed China that they did not feel justified m with- holding any longer recognition of the status of Tibet as an autonomous State, under the suzerainty of China, and intended to deal on this basis with Tibet in future. Fortunately, the three generals who sat through the court martial were men of grit and integrity.

However it does point to the collective failures of Civilian and the Military apparatus in averting the War which caused national humiliation in In one company was sent to Pankentang on the Bumla- Towang axis, and one company to Shakti on the Khenzem ane-T ow ang route. At this time one battalion was located in Dirang and one at Tenga.

A must read book for every Indian to know the truth about Indo-sino war of This page was last edited on 1 Augustat For anyone interested in India China war this book has to be part of learning the telling. The Prime Minister then gave an indication of the action taken by the Government in the face of this explosive situation. By letting matters drift, the border poser became a convenient stick to beat Mr. Tliis respon- sibility devolved on the forward troops and was a clear breach of the principles of logistics.

Did Government seriously mean to take on both China and Pakistan simultaneously? Usually delivered in days? Educational and Professional Books. Brigadier JP Dalvi has wonderfully outlined the mistakes that were made during the era, Nehru and associates are pictured as they were. Having faced stiff opposition from the older and more sober generals, Government now looked for some other general who would collaborate with their forward policy.


Himalayan Blunder: The Angry Truth About India’s Most Crushing Military Disaster

Possibly the Air Force was short of aircraft or there was no supply-dropping equipment. Your Mobile has been activated successfully.

Soon the Regular Pakistan Army was thrown in, and in less than a year after Partition, Pakistan and India were at war. After the overthrow of the Manchu Dynasty by the Chinese Revolution of brgi, the authority of China as the suzerain Power was speedily challenged and over- thrown.

First published in the yearHimalayan Blunder: Those who forget their history are condemned to repeat it. India lay prostrate, her foreign policy in disarray; her developing economy halted and her political and military leadership discredited. However there was complete satisfaction in Delhi where maps of NEFA sprouted in the offices of the big Brass, with little pins showing our defence preparations.

We had neither the equipment nor the money to organise a proper theatre of war and a task force.

None-the-less his book throws new light on certain decisive periods notably on the vague borderland of September-October The Cabinet had decided to hand over the border to the Army in Augustand here we were in October without any snow-clothing, having to resort to begging, borrowing and reducing scales – the normal procedures for dealing with unforeseen developments.

Dulles was the prime architect of the theory of containing Communism by building a ring of collective security pacts. The battle of Thagla ridge might as well have been the first time that India fought to defend its borders. This is one of those set of books which should be mandated for every Indian to be read. Tibet claimed neutrality and resisted Chinese pressure for opening up communications through Tibet.

Menon chose Kaul because he Menon felt that Kaul was far to the Left of the other conservative generals in Delhi.

The Chinese ambushed a police party, under Havildar Karam Singh, about 40 miles inside our own territory, while it was on a routine patrol in the Chang Chenmo Valley, south of Kongka Pass. An OTP has been send to your mobile. Tibet appealed for help but India refused and advised the Tibetans to negotiate a In Octoberthe newly born People’s Republic brib China brought “freedom ” to Bimalayan by sending in some 20, troops.


It was also displayed at himxlayan and conferences where the Chinese repre- sentatives took an inflexible and intransigent attitude. I would like to add an interesting footnote. Khen- zemane is at the eastern end of the Thagla Ridge, which was to be the scene of the opening round of the War with China. Bhargava — Allied Publishers.

I have tried to tell the story as I saw it unfold, over the years, to add to our knowledge. No sane military officer treated them as anything but flag-posts. Nehru had never permitted foreign affairs to be decided by anyone but himself, advised by Mr.

Kaul, setting up forward post on controversial DHOLA area, Lack of infrastructure planning for the war time are explained in detail. Both inwhen Napoleon invaded Russia and in when Hitler launched an invasion, the Russians drew the advancing armies deep into Russian territory.

HIMALAYAN BLUNDER – JOHN DALVI Reviews, Summary, Story, Price, Online, Fiction, Nonfiction

It still leaves you with a feeling of awe and immense respect for the men guarding our borders and for the fact that this book isn’t someone’s imagination but a real story of a war hy must not forget. Younghusband success- fully reached Lhasa, and the Dalai Lama was forced to agree to terms. He was the most out- standing field commander in the Indian Army and was the first and only Indian to command a fighting brigade in battle in the Arakan, in World War II. Land communi- cations with the area from India are exceptionally difficult.

In today’s time It makes me wonder are we heading for another Himalayan Blunder?? The Prime Minister of India, Mr. Militarily the Force was useless and ineffective. The War That Wasn’t.