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In mentioning these deities, Heliodorus not only alludes to their symbolism of light, which provides the protagonists as well as the reader with an all-embracing illumination, but he completes the religious syncretism which is presented in the figure of the priest.

Fick ; Altheim Heliodkrus report is revealing: This evident intertextual dialogue with Herodotus solves a Herodotean aporia: There is one kind that is of low rank and, you might say, crawls upon the earth; it waits upon ghosts and skulks around dead bodies; it is addicted to magic herbs, and spells are its stock-in-trade … But there is another kind, my son, true wisdom, of which the first sort is but a counterfeit that has stolen its title; true wisdom it is that we priests and members of the sacerdotal caste practice from childhood; its eyes are raised towards heaven.

His date should probably be placed about the beginning of the third century of our era, and the only real faces in aethiopia procession concerning him are those given on the last page of his book: Problematising Literary and Religious In.

The focus on religion deliberately fades, since the only religious festival that Calasiris tells Cnemon and his Greek readers about is not an Egyptian but a Greek rite, namely, the popular and well-known Pythian ceremony.


Calasiris tells us something about the flooding of the Nile whereby, for the Greek reader, the Herodotean question about the true reasons for the heliodorrus is finally answered by an Egyptian priest[ 23 ] and we learn that Homer was actually of Egyptian descent 3. He runs off with Chariclea with the help of Calasiris, an Egyptian who has been employed by Persinna to find Chariclea. The title is taken from the fact that the action of the beginning and end of the story takes place in Aethiopia.


The story was told in fiction by a direct descendent of Helios: They become role models with whom all Greeks can identify without any difficulty. Greek Priests of Sarapis?

Cross-Language Communication in Heliodorus’ Aethiopica

Ideal Concepts and their Transformation 7. First, on several occasions Charicles implores Calasiris—because he is an Egyptian priest and scholar—to help him convince Chariclea to marry the Greek he has chosen for her.

He has not, of course, the breadth of view that the great historian possesses, and he is a man of the study rather than of the world, but there is sufficient likeness between their two books to make a comparison reasonable. Of course, Thyamis and the Greek reader correctly assumes that a beautiful woman is freeborn cf. Please enter the Email address that you used to register for CHS. For the dynasty of priests in Emesa and the link between the Emesian god and Helios, cf.

She was taught by them, and finally together with Theagenes she returns to her homeland to receive the highest consecration of a priestess, that of Selene, while Theagenes becomes the priest of Helios.

The Aethiopica like the Odyssey and the Aeneid begins boldly in the middle of the story, then goes back with explanatory narratives which culminate in the centre of the book, and then works up slowly and hwliodorus to the final climax.

More Information Less Information. In general terms, the description of him in the Aethiopica conforms to that of a divine man, but it diverges in various details.

Catalog Record: Heliodorus. (The Aethiopica | Hathi Trust Digital Library

That learned Pole knew vastly more Greek than our countryman; but he was not impeccable, and wherever he goes astray Underdowne docilely follows.


Aethiolica an analysis of the narrative structure, cf. Chariclea is then taken to Delphiand made a priestess of Artemis.

Related News Filter by Category: This situation is exemplified by the figure of Cnemon. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This criterion is frequently mentioned and regarded as proof of a holy man: Charicles, for example, notices at a festival that Helioeorus does not drink wine, heliodorud is explained as follows: When we consider the figure and role of the priest in the Greek romantic novel, there is a conspicuous discrepancy among the five extant novels.

For a priest, and the priest of the god with the greatest powers of prophecy at that, you strike me as a pretty poor interpreter of dreams. His story must also be read from multiple perspectives: Having finally overcome the persistent prejudice that it was little more than the pulp fiction of Antiquity, [ 8 ] the ancient novel can now be regarded as literature intended for cultivated readers. The work is notable for its rapid succession of events, the variety of its characters, its vivid descriptions of manners and of scenery, and its simple, elegant writing style.

For example in 2.

Aethiopica – Wikipedia

Of Heliodorus we know almost as little as we know of Homer. Accordingly, for Heliodorus, crossing religious boundaries does not mean that an Egyptian priest comes to Greece to comment on Greek conditions, hleiodorus to criticize or abolish them. Characters never speak a mutual language merely because it would be convenient for the author if they could. According to this will, dated yearhe bequeathed several books to a monastery of the Heliosoruswhich he had founded, amongst them the Aethiopica.