Participants were invited to complete a modified Grasha Riechmann Student Learning Style Survey and Teaching Style Inventory. Principal. Reaching the Second Tier: Learning and Teaching Styles in College Science Online questionnaire based on the Grasha’s Five Teaching Styles (above). Learning Styles Survey. The following is a Grasha-Riechmann Student Learning Style Scales. It has been designed to help you clarify your attitudes and feelings.

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I solicit student advice about how and what to teach in this course. Small group discussions are employed to help students develop their ability to grasha-rkechmann critically.

The following is a Grasha-Riechmann teaching style survey. I study what is important to me and not always what the instructor says is important.

Different instructors perceive the classroom environment in different ways. Respond to each of the items below in terms of how you teach. The portion of the code that needs to be modified has been clearly marked with a comment. This is an adapted form left over from an uncompleted project. Your results sirvey appear below. Kindly remove any link to our site from the code.

Teaching Styles

I no longer maintain it, but it is here for you to experiment shrvey. As Grasha was reported as saying later in his life, I am gfasha-riechmann longer convinced that the survey measures much besides its preconceptions. Resist the temptation to respond as you believe you should or ought to think or behave, or in terms of what you believe is the expected or proper thing to do.


That will make it possible for me to discuss with you whether the results seem meaningful. Learning Style Survey Grasha-Riechmann.

Lecturing is a significant part grasha-riiechmann how I teach each of the class sessions. The portion of the code that needs to be modified has been clearly marked with a comment. Search Search this site: After you have provided the requested information and made a record of your scores, please click the Exit button: Still, you may find that the questions lead you to think about teaching and learning in new ways.

The resources on this page provide guidance for instructors in how to think about their own teaching style and its impact on student teacning.

Teaching Style Survey (Grasha¬≠Riechmann | Melvin Matulac –

Students take responsibility for teaching part of the class sessions. Eventually, many students begin to think like me about course content. A Planning Guide for Successful Collaborations.

My expertise is typically used to resolve disagreements about content issues. After you have provided the requested information.

Students can make choices among activities in order to complete course requirements. If you want to use this form in your work, download it and find someone who can do the following things, which are simple for anyone who knows how: If you want to use this form in your work, download it and find someone who can do the following things, which are simple for anyone who knows how: No Yes If so, how old is stgle child?

What I have to say about a topic is important for students to acquire a broader perspective on the sudvey in that area.

It can be useful in examining your own teaching as well as helping clarify the teaching views of other people. Activities in this class encourage students to develop their own ideas about content issues. My standards and expectations help students develop the discipline the need to learn.


If so, how old is that child? CRLT partners with faculty, graduate students, postdocs, and administrators to develop and sustain a University culture that values and rewards teaching, respects and supports individual differences among learners, and creates learning environments in which diverse students and instructors can excel. On average, how many hours a week do you watch TV for your own entertainment? You may also choose to print out a profile sheet to help you visualize and interpret your scores.

Fill out another survey for the course s that you teach in a different style. How did you enter the university? If you are filling out this survey more than once, because you teach some courses differently than others, provide the following identifying information: What I say and do models appropriate ways for students to think about issues in the content. Public Relations Other Major if “other”: I give students a lot of personal support and encouragement to do well in this course.

Printer-friendly version Send by email. Developing the ability of students to think and work independently is an important goal. I assume the role of a resource person who is available to students whenever they need help. The TPI is quick to complete online and to automatically score your results.