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Right of modification reserved. Operating instructions Siemens Aktiengesellschaft http: Only use the plug-in power supply unit provided, as indicated on the underside of your base station telephone.

The system may interfere with medical equipment. Never give your Gigaset to a third party without the operating in- structions. Please dispose of your phone and batteries in an environmentally responsi- ble way. These can be accessed using the two gigasset keys under the display.

The functions and sym- bols shown above these keys change as the situation demands. Base station telephone and plug-in power supply unit Handset and coiled handset cord Labelling card see last page Index cover Phone cable Operating instructions for the base station telephone and for using the handsets on the base station telephone Push the handset cord into the cable guide.

Language Date and time This information is required to enable the answering machine to record the time and date on which messag- es were recorded. You will then be prompted to enter the prefix numbers Line type for external calls see page You can choose between: Call the menu Scroll to Settings displayed inversely and confirm with Scroll to Tel.

Gigasett the situation, the base station telephone will of- fer you the appropriate choices, even while you are making a cal. Just follow the messages and symbols on the dis- play.

Internal enquiry during an external call You are in idsn middle of an external call and have pressed soft key to call a handset in order to make an en- quiry. As well as Gigaset handsets, you can use handsets from the Gigaset and se- ries. Using the handset Immediate dialling Lift the handset. This enables other people in the room to listen in or contribute to the conversation.

Your hands are also free to make notes. The ringer at the base station telephone is switched off — the call is shown on the display Handset: Press You can answer all calls by pressing the speaker key.

Immediate pickup With immediate pickup factory sidnyou interrupt the answering machine recording by lifting the handset. A message appears on the base station telephone display. If the call number is already contained in the telephone directory, the name appears on the display.


Call the redial list. Display entry Delete entry Use number: This is used to link a number to another call number, for example as a prefix; you can still change the call number.

We re- commend that you inform the called party before you be- gin recording. You can call another subscriber without cutting off this connection and consult with the first subscriber or switch back and forth between the two subscribers toggle.

Enter the call number of the external subscriber. You can also select a number from the telephone directory. You have two options: Transfer the call before the internal subscriber answers. If the subscriber does not answer, you will be called back. The subscribers in iddn may both be exter- nal or may consist of one internal and one external subscri- ber.


The connection is set up and the subscriber answers. The call number is dialled immediately. Select a call number in the calls list and select the call number for a provider using the sup- plementary menu.

The composite call number is di- alled after it has been confirmed. Open the supplementary menu. Enter the date and time of the required reminder; the dis- played entries will be overwritten. When in the vici- nity of the base station telephone, you can use the station as an intercom system, enabling you to answer without lif- ting the handset. Contact your service provider to find out which functions are free of charge and which can be enabled for a fee. Provider function Code Display Open the Short Cut menu.

Select, confirm and replace the handset after receiving confirmation from the exchange. Call forwarding is performed via the exchange.

The call is not signalled on your terminal. Select and open submenu. Short cut is activated. An announcement tells you whether or not the job was successful. Enter the base PIN factory setting and confirm. If the item is highlighted, unit display is set. Any previously set calculations are de- leted.

Siemens Gigaset 3035 Manuals

When the credit runs out, calls can only be received or internal calls conduc- ted. Example entry in units: Example entry as an amount: If no limit is entered in a limit field, then the costs are simply added up. Emergency numbers can be dialled without requi- ring a PIN. The display shows all telephone accounts with the relevant unit or cost count.

Some providers require prior registration. You can create a list of various providers and their prefix numbers in the base station tele- phone for this purpose. The names are sorted in alphabetical or- der by the telephone.


Saving call numbers Open the telephone directory. The first entry is displayed. Confirm deletion of all entries. Enter the PIN code of the receiving device factory setting and confirm. The phone is in standby. Contrast Select and confirm.

Ringer melody Select and confirm the required ringer melody. Volume Select and confirm the required loudspeaker volume. Setting the handset volume Call the menu. This function is active on delivery. Indirect pickup means that you decide whether you wish to answer the call or to call someone else. The functions are exe- cuted or the stored call numbers are dialled when the function keys are pressed.

Press the isdh function key. Press the required function key Grouping several steps together makes it ea- sier to execute features. Select and confirm the required short cut. The required short cut can be found more easily by entering the first letter of its name.

It is a good idea to use the features provided by your provider, e. Your phone is therefore protected against unauthorised users. You can listen to your answering machine by means of the answering ma- chine keys. For example, the base PIN must be entered before the base lock bigaset be activated, a new handset can be registered, or hot key or emergency numbers can be stored. This menu item is highlighted if a hot key number is alrea- dy set up. Enter the base PIN within 3 seconds and confirm.

The message “Hot Key deactivated” You can save 4 other call numbers e. These emergency num- bers apply for the base station telephone and all registered handsets.

You have defined at least one restricted number. This menu item is highlighted if call restrictions are activa- ted.

Siemens Gigaset Manuals

Preparing the base station bigaset The station is ready for registration. Hold down the power on key until you hear a beep. The registration display ap- pears. Station Select the station ready for registration, e. For your own security, the time available for registration is limited to one minute. Otherwise, the following error message appears on the display;