social acceptance. Geolocation and earth observation data are playing an important role in digitisation. Wherever relevant, applicants are. F.R. 10 Ger.F.R. 1) and s. 32 of the Farmers’ Sickness Insurance Act of 10 Aug. Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley. Notification of the consolidated. Filtered by: Tema: Seguridad social. Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley. Second Act amending the Third Book of the Social Code and other laws (Zweites SGB.

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Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley.

V Suiza entre cuentas bancarias y beneficios sociales – SWI

Establishment of a separate branch of social security covering long-term nursing care. Notification under the Federal Social Assistance Act.

Provides for assistance to meet living expenses and to cover special living situations. Concerns social assistance in general and the relationship between the different social assistance seguridav, and contains special provisions dealing with disabled seguidad. The new society is responsible for all rights and obligations concerning the accident insurance system. Federal Act concerning the payment of wages for ill employees. In case of illness, the employee shall receive one hundred percent of his wages from the employer, which is not a benefit but rather a payment for the usual work.


Act on the structure of the Health Scheme. An Act to secure and improve the structure of the Statutory Sickness Insurance. Federal Act to improve a firm’s provision for old age. Adjustment to the docial legal old age and validity pension for employees which is known as a voluntary supplement given by the employer.

Seguridsd there exists great freedom in how to arrange an agreement concerning this provision for old age, the Act sets out only a few basic indispensable regulations to improve the provision for old age. Act of 25 July eeguridad establish uniformity of law for pension and accident insurance Transitory Pensions Act.

Various provisions of the Federal Insurance Code L. Act regarding social insurance. Excerpts of basic provisions regarding social insurance such as health, invalidity and accident insurance. Federal Act on Welfare Tribunals. Federal Act concerning employment protection for men conscripted into military service. Stipulates that an employee’s employment contract may not be terminated while the employee is performing military service.

The employment relationship is merely suspended. Consolidated text of the Employment Promotion Act of 25 June amendments up to the date of entry into force of the Unification Treaty of 31 August Federal Act on cr10 insurance for employees. Federal Social Assistance Act, consolidated text, Act of 22 December on the prolongation of the application of legal provisions promoting employment. Publication of the sixth book of the Social Code, revised version, including amendments until Lays out regulations concerning the Legal Pension Insurance.

Act of 6 October introducing a social insurance identity card and amending other Acts on social affairs.


The stated purpose is to assist in unveiling illegal employment relationships and to prevent fraud. The Act provides for measures to protect personal data. Consequential amendments and other minor amendments are made to the Fifth and Tenth Books of the Social Code, the Ordinance on government insurance, the Act on employee insurance, the Act on pension insurance in mining, the Employment Promotion Act LS Ger.

Ordinance of 4 October on the provision of assistance measures and on replacement benefits under the Federal Welfare Act Orthopaedics Ordinance.

Artificial limbs and assistance devices wheelchairs, seeing-eye dogs, special auto equipment, etc. Act of 12 July on the promotion of small-scale agriculture. Provides for income equalisation payments to family farms. Act amending the Act on social insurance for artists. Amends the Fifth Book of the Social Code dealing with health care and provides comprehensive regulations governing health insurance and health care.

Inter alia, provides regulations concerning health care benefits, administration of health care and insurance programs, and sets forth fines for violations of the Act.

Insurance companies shall provide information and access to preventative medicine. Defines which persons are obliged to have insurance. Inter alia, provides that social security identification numbers can be recorded or used only when required by law new sociall. Act of 18 December on adequate financing of social insurance for artists. Transfers the administration of the artists’ social insurance fund to another entity. Also adds a subsection to s. Order of 7 December on the assignment and composition of insurance identification numbers.

Repeals the administrative provisions of 27 Dec. Act on the tenth revision of benefits under the Federal Welfare Act. Various amendments to the Federal Welfare Act of 22 Jan. Act regarding benefits under the statutory pension insurance scheme to be paid to mothers, born beforefor time spent raising children Act on payments for raising children.

It also amends the Acts on pension insurance for workers and employees, respectively, by inserting a new division on this topic, and makes conforming amendments to other Acts. Basically, the new provisions set forth the conditions under segurridad mothers, born beforewho withdrew from the workforce to care for a child, may receive an increase of 1.

Act on the extension of insurance coverage in case of unemployment or reduced hours. The dates in s.

fr10 form –

Workers over the age of 42 experiencing long-term unemployment have the right to extended benefits by virtue of new s. The Act also amends s. Seguriead on adjustment of income assistance payments in accordance with the Act on equalisation of charges. Increases in income assistance payments slcial adjustments in the amount of contributions and the upper income limit in cases of invalidity pensions.

Order on adjustment of supplementary pensions of the miners’ supplementary insurance scheme. Notification of the consolidated text of the Federal Social Assistance Act. All amendments up to 1 Jan. The Act contains provisions on meeting subsistence needs, assistance in special circumstances and various administrative matters.


Seventh amendment to the Act on procedures for sehuridad statutory pension insurance scheme and other social insurance schemes. La loi modifie la loi de SL – All. RF 1 sur la promotion de l’emploi. SL – All.

Alemania – Seguridad social – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. Loi modificatrice sur la promotion segridad l’emploi et l’assurance-pensions. Loi modifiant wocial dispositions de la loi [du 25 juin I] sur l’assurance-maladie des agriculteurs et la loi [du 25 juin Promotion of early retirement benefits Act VRG. Social Code-Co-operation between carriers and their relations with third parties.

Act eocial fiscal and other measures to be taken to promote jobs, growth and stability. Inter alia, training grants for young unemployed persons and contribution of pensioners towards the cost of their sickness insurance. Amends for this purpose the first sentence of s. Act on social assistance to war victims Federal Pensions Act. Consolidation of the Promotion of Employment Act. An Act to consolidate the promotion of employment.

An Act respecting the adjustment of pensions payable under the statutory pension insurance scheme in Performers’ Social Insurance Act. Act respecting the social insurance of ft10 performers and writers. Contains regulations regarding protection of personal social data and cooperation of bodies that are responsible for allocation of benefits.

Act respecting equality of treatment for men and women at the workplace and the maintenance of claims in the event of the transfer of establishment.

Act respecting the management of the assets of sickness insurance carriers. An Act to lower the flexible age-limit fixed under the statutory pension insurance scheme for severely handicapped persons. Pensions Adjustment Act No. Numerous consequential amendments to social security legislation.

Numerous amendments; numerous consequential amendments to various social security laws. Contains the general and common provisions on social security. The first chapter determines the principles and the scope of the insurance and contains provisions on employed and self-employed, as well as on wages and other income. The second part contains provisions on the indemnifications and premiums. The third chapter provides for the employer’s obligation to report and determines what are the general social contribution.

The fourth chapter determines the institutions of the social security. The fifth chapter defines the social security authorities. The sixth chapter provides for the social security ID. The seventh chapter regulates the storage of documents.

Seguriad eight chapter provides for fines, and the ninth chapter for transitional provisions. Pending their incorporation in the Code, a number of laws are deemed to form special parts, notably the following: LS – Ger. Act respecting the sickness insurance of students.