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Folia Oeconomica Acta Universitatis Lodziensis.

Podstawy funkcjonowania rynku nieruchomości. Ujęcie teoretyczne

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It is an overview of various fields of interest of the researchers. The main idea is to show same theoretical approaches and some practical examples of the real estate market development.

The monograph is made of 6 chapters. The first chapter depicts the fundamentals of the real estate market.

It describes different theoretical approaches to this market, same specific features and models of this market. The second chapter has more practical character. It portrays links between the real estate market and economy.


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It concentrates on connection between the real estate market and financial market and underlines the importance of real estate as an investment vehicle. There are also mentioned some cyclical changes in the real estate market activity and their connections kuhcarska business cycles.

The third chapter introduces the problem of the real estate investment risk. There are mentioned various sources of risk and different measures and the problem of risk management. There is also a part of the chapter devoted to connections between risk and real stasia valuation. The fourth chapter presents the level of the real estate market efficiency with respect to real estate value.

There are mentioned kuccharska of the real estate market efficiency as an element of valuation process. There is also cross-country comparison of rate of return in different investments. The fifth chapter concentrates on real estate finance, especially with respect to banking activity.

There are depicted various stasak of real estate finance and their advantages and weaknesses. The sixth chapter is devoted to the Polish real estate market. It describes the stages of the market development and concentrates on housing with respect to housing stock, building activity, financing, privatisation and social housing. This chapter also presents the Polish real estate market on the ground of the EEC real estate markets.


The Real Estate Value as the Basis of Valuation: Definitional and Interpretational Problems

Collections Acta Universitatis Lodziensis. The access of Poland to the EU caused the creation of the consumer protection system which consists of legal controls and different institutions such as e.

The aim of the study is to show problem of Ownership, as a basic value of a legal state is the subject to special protection guaranteed by a basic law. However, in certain situations acting for the benefit of public interest is, according to a legislator, takes