A small business private branch exchange system gives each of your employees access to multiple phone lines through their desk’s phone. The systems are. Follow the steps provided for configuring your PBX for the first time right after the the machine on which 3CX Phone System is installed, and from the internet it. Matrix EPABX systems provide support of diverse networks and reliable The complexity of configuration and downtime of the system are factors contributing to .

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More and more people start small business now, it is very important to keep epaabx with our customers. In normal, most of us just use a simple telephone or use skype to do that. It can fit our basic requirement, but it has obvious shortage, for example, it makes our business looks like a very small business, a personal business.

We hope to make our business looks like a big business and our company looks like a professional company. We epwbx to establish a voice interaction for our customers, such as prompt “welcome to xxx company. Please dial the extension or zero for assistance”, etc. Can we do that? Of course, we can do that! There is a very simple solution to do that by using VOIP. This document gives a step by step guide on how to establish a VOIP network for our business.

The solution will be as simple as possible, almost just need only one PC with Windows system. It is a general term for a confgiuration of systfm technologies for delivery of voice communications over IP networks such as the Internet or other packet-switched networks.

Setup IP PBX step by step

VOIP can be a benefit for reducing communication and infrastructure costs. In another way, it is very easy to use VOIP to establish our communication system with full features.

In normal, we need to setup three main components: Some vonfiguration them are hardware based devices, some of them are software based servers. Of course, here we suggest miniSIPServer to you.

It has all features we need. Most important, it is so easy that we can setup and run it in several minutes! If we still want to use our traditional analog telephone, we can buy a SIP adapter from them.

To get started, we use a softphone and run it in the configuratiln computer or another computers.

Holly’s extension number isand G. T’s extension phone number is Both of them use SIP softphones. The IP address of G. T’s PC is Configure some wonderful advance services for our small company, such as auto-attendant, ring group and pick-up, and so on. This step could be the easiest one. There are several kinds of miniSIPServer, such as 20 confuguration, 50 clients etc.


For example, ” clients” version can support extensions. Since there are only epax members in our scenario, “20 clients” version is enough. It is unnecessary to configure anything!

When miniSIPServer is installed, it will create three default extensions automatically. Please click button “local users” in main window to check it. The default password for these extensions areand Holly use miniSipPhone as her softphone.

Please click ‘OK’ button to complete miniSipPhone configuration. It will try to register to miniSIPServer. If it successes, miniSipPhone should display telephone number and be ready to make calls.

We can follow the same step to configure G. Both Holly and G. T’ extensions have been connected to miniSIPServer. We can show miniSIPServer’ local user information to check their status. Their icons should be blue. After we finish this step, the basic VOIP network is established. T can call each other.

Holly can dial ” to call G. T can also dial ” to call Holly. In above configuration, we use default extensions ” and ”. In configuraation, with the growth of company, more and more people will join with us, we need add more extensions to support them. So we can do it as following:. In normal, we can just assign extension number and password to a new extension.

It is sjstem to establish connection with customers now. In the miniSIPServer main window, please click button ‘External lines’ to add an external line information. In the pop up window, please click button ‘Add’ to add an external line with CallCentric account information.

The key items are described in below table. Of course, you can update configuratiion according to your own configuration. Some VoIP providers require different authorization numbers with their accounts. In this scenario, we must configure “authorization ID” with such numbers. By default, authorization number is same epxbx voip account, then it is unnecessary to configure “authorization ID” item or configure it as same as voip account.

Configuration notes for supported VoIP gateways, IP PBXs, and PBXs | Microsoft Docs

Because we hope both Holly and G. T can make outgoing call, we select ‘All local users can use this external line to make outgoing calls’. If the external line success to connect to peer server VOIP provider’s network or VOIP gatewaythe icon of the external line should be gray and without cross flag. As we have confirmed in above sections, Holly and G.

T can call each other by dialing their extensions number directly. If we want to make outgroup call to our customers, how can we do it? Since the external line is connected to VOIP provider’s network or VOIP gatewayit is no problem to call outside customers, but we have to mention that we need add prefix ‘9’ before we dial our customers numbers.


In miniSIPServer, prefix ‘9’ is the default outgroup prefix which is used to distinguish call type. For example, if the customer’s number is ”, we need dial ‘ 9 ‘. When we configured external line, we has indicated ‘automatic attendant’.

So when customers calls in, miniSIPServer will prompt to enter extension number. For example, once customers calls “” the external line number provided by VOIP provider and configured in miniSIPServerthey will hear “Welcome, please enter extension number” and customers can enter ” to call Holly or enter ” to call G. In another way, the default announcement can be modified and replaced. We can change it according to our real requirement, for example, we can change it to “welcome to xxx company, Please refer to the ” Automatic attendant ” online document.

When we finish above configurations, we success to establish our basic VOIP system. We want more useful services to support our communication, such as Voice mail, ring group, etc. But in some special scenarios, we need change this port to another, for example Please refer to following figure.

In miniSipPhone, we need indicate it to work with the new port. In SIP account configuration, please set “port” to “”:. Some SIP devices, such as Xlite, don’t have ‘port’ configuration, then we need configure server port with server address together.

For exmaple, the server address might be ‘ Please refer to our another F. Q document which describes more details about this problem.

We suggest following VOIP providers: Following figure describes a simple environment for small business or home based business. In our demo scenario, the small company only has two members, Holly and G. We will follow subsequent steps to establish our VOIP network. Deploy services Configure some wonderful advance services for our small company, such as auto-attendant, ring group and pick-up, and so on.

Unified Communications for Government

If everything is fine, miniSIPServer should run as following figure. In the pop-up window, please configure SIP account like following figure. The key items are described below. Item Value SIP server address So we can do it as following: In the ‘local users information’ window, please click syste button to add a new extension. Here we configure ‘Automatic attendant’ to support receiving incoming call from outside.

Then, we describe some details about making outgroup calls and receiving incoming calls. Please visit our website for details of all services.