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Dar al-Insania provides women victims of domestic violence, among others, with shelter and services. The show betrayed an acceptance of domestic violence among many Algerians that contributes to abuse and can prevent survivors from getting help.

Domestic violence survivors interviewed for a recent Human Rights Watch report spoke of being beaten, burned, and stabbed by their partners. Some also said their husbands prevented them from working or from seeing friends or family. When women sought help they often faced formidable barriers instead of aid.

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Their families often refused to help. Police turned them away or did little to investigate their complaints. Many could not find a shelter or other emergency assistance. Police inaction, insufficient shelter space, and ineffective investigation and prosecution often leave domestic violence survivors in Algeria at risk of further mistreatment despite a new law criminalizing spousal abuse. Positive changes include increased penalties for assault against a spouse, or members of the family, and criminalization of psychological and economic violence against spouses.


Human Rights Watch research found that women in Algeria, as in many other countries, face strong social and economic pressure to pardon their abusers, limiting the effect of the law.

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The law ignores that harm resulting from domestic violence may be the result of several beatings that cannot be assessed in a single forensic examination, or non-visible harm such as brain trauma, stress-related disorders, emotional abuse and isolation that does not leave a physical mark. She said her condition was caused by a brain injury after her husband threw a chair at her head.

They treated it as a minor offense because they relied on the report by the forensic doctor, who determined that her injuries from the attack to her head had caused only 13 days of incapacitation despite medical exams earlier that day which she said showed that some nerves in her brain were damaged and that, as a result, she had been paralyzed in her left arm and leg.

Under the penal code, stiffer penalties begin with 15 days of incapacitation, as determined by a forensic doctor; and injuries that lead to a permanent disability can result in prison terms of up to 10 years which now under Law no. The Algerian law focuses on criminalization.

Protection orders also known as temporary restraining ordersfor instance, have been shown enlahar the world to be a useful way to prevent further violence. Algeria provides no such protection, leaving women exposed to violence and threats of retaliation if they seek help. The country of 41 million people has only three state-run shelters specifically for women victims of violence.

qlgerie The government instead leaves it to non-governmental organizations to run shelters, and these are scarce, underfunded, and concentrated in urban areas. Algeria may be eclipsed very soon by its neighbors in adequately preventing domestic violence, protecting survivors, and prosecuting abusers. The government should stand up algeire women and fight violence in the home. This includes ensuring that police and prosecutors are trained and motivated to investigate and prosecute cases of domestic violence.


The government should also help victims reach safety, including in emergencies, by alferie a law for protection orders and funding domestic violence shelters. Taking these actions, along with public awareness campaigns that emphasize zero tolerance for domestic violence, are a critical step to changing the attitudes showcased in the TV program.

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Algeria Needs to Do More to End Domestic Violence | Human Rights Watch

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