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No additional import charges on delivery. Such a conformational change could also be induced normally by unknown allosteric effectors.


Thus, co-expression of caveolin with c-Src can abolish its capacity for auto-phosphorylation, as predicted based on our experiments with caveolin peptides see Fig. For guaranteed fitment please contact us with vehicle details so we can help 21990 this part fits your vehicle – we aim to respond within 2 working hours.

The Src-interacting domain of caveolin was localized to caveolin residuesand a peptide encoding this sequence dose-dependently suppressed the auto-activation of purified Src kinases c-Src and Fyn. Rear Axle; for brake disc diameter: As a consequence of C-terminal divergence, v-Src 92190 not contain Tyrwhich when phosphorylated can act to functionally inactivate c-Src kinase Back to home page.

Arhodamine-conjugated for c-Src; Bfluorescein-conjugated for 291990 and Csuperposition of the fluorescent images of A and B. Transfected cells expressing both c-Src and caveolin were selected for imaging by laser confocal fluorescence microscopy. Quantitation of these experiments Fig. Journal of Lipid Research.

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These observations suggest that the intact domain caveolin residues is required for both structural and functional interaction with c-Src tyrosine kinase. Using purified recombinant c-Src tyrosine kinase, we evaluated the effects of these caveolin peptides on the functional auto-activation of c-Src kinase in vitro.

Caveolin-derived Synthetic Peptides Caveolin peptides were designed based on the protein sequence of the N-terminal domain of canine caveolin. We will process your dds within 2 working days and will act quickly to action whatever we have agreed over email refund, replacement or exchange. Learn more – opens in a new window or tab.

D auto-phosphorylation of c-Src tyrosine kinase is expressed in arbitrary units. Peptides were synthesized using standard methodology and subjected to amino acid analysis and mass es Massachusetts Intitute of Technology Biopolymers Laboratory to confirm their composition.

Because caveolin preferentially interacts with inactive c-Src but not v-Src and a caveolin-derived peptide or caveolin co-expression can inhibit auto-activation of c-Src, caveolin could act as an allosteric inhibitor of c-Src and other Src family kinases.

Also, the site of caveolin phosphorylation by c-Src occurs at a single tyrosine residue tyrosine 14; Ref. The functional existence of such a negative regulator or suppressor of c-Src has been suggested by earlier studies Using an established in vitro binding assay, we find that caveolin interacts with wild-type Src c-Src but does not form a stable complex with mutationally activated Src v-Src.

Bmolecular mapping of a caveolin region that interacts with c-Src. A caveolin peptide derived from this region residues functionally suppressed the auto-activation of purified recombinant c-Src tyrosine kinase and Fyn, a related Src family tyrosine kinase.


All three peptides contain two conserved tyrosine residues marked by arrows and are extremely homologous. In order to define a minimal region of caveolin that can functionally support an association with c-Src, GST-caveolin fusion proteins encoding distinct portions of the 2919 or C-terminal domains of caveolin were used as the substrate for c-Src binding.

We further analyzed the effect of caveolin on c-Src activity in vivo by transiently co-expressing full-length caveolin and c-Src tyrosine kinase in T cells. Thus, we have termed this amino acid stretch of caveolin residues the caveolin scaffolding domain. To confirm that this part fits your vehicle, please choose a vehicle from the My Garage list or enter your vehicle’s details below.

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Localization of c-Src and caveolin within a single cell. Peptides derived from all three caveolins contain two conserved tyrosine residues marked by arrows in Fig. Defining a region of caveolin that contains c-Src binding activity. This listing is for the part or sub-assembly number shown below only. The two other aliquots were subjected to immunoblot analysis with either a c-Src mAb probe or a caveolin mAb probe clone Take a look at our Returning an item help page for more details.