Name of Act. Decree supreme No of May 6th promoting breastfeeding . DECRETO SUPREMO Nº pdf. SUBPROGRAMA FUNCIONAL Protección de Poblaciones en. Riesgo. ACTIVIDAD . Decreto Supremo que crea el Programa. Social denominado. DECRETO SUPREMO Nº Uploaded by. miky · Uploaded by. miky · Como Enseñar Musica a Los Niños Pequeños. Uploaded by.

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If confinement takes places on a later date than expected, the intervening days shall be considered as sick leave for temporary illness.

Please see the field of parental leave benefits which apply for paternity leave benefits regarding fathers.

Implementation of the Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative. This indicator reflects the inclusion of maternal, infant and young child nutrition in the pre-service training of health personnel.

NLiS Country Profile: Bolivia

At the same time, these women require income security and protection, to ensure that they will not suffer from income loss or job loss because of pregnancy and maternity leave. General Labour Act Decree Supreme Every employer that employs women and dfcreto shall take all safety measures in order to guarantee their health and comfort at work.

Averaged aggregate governance indicators. It is forbidden to women and minors under 18 years old to perform hazardous, painful or harmful work to their health or moral. Labour Code SectionNight work Not prohibited. Therefore, serum retinol is best used for the assessment of subclinical vitamin A deficiency in a population not supremk an individual.

Monitoring the Situation of Children and Women. Female working day shall not exceed 40 weekly hours. Feto-maternal nutrition and low birth weight. S Night work Women workers in general shall be employed only during the day.

Zinc supplementation, oral rehydration therapy and continued feeding are among the recommended safe and effective methods of treating diarrhoea. The employer shall systematically seek out risky factors, assess processes having impact on the working environment and working conditions, identify causes supreml sources of risks.


It also diminishes the ability to fight infections. In adopting and implementing technical, technological, organizational and other risk prevention measures, the employer shall take into consideration the following general deecreto Estimates by country, among children decrsto years http: Decree supreme of May 17 of Decree supreme of March 18 of Decree Law of December 24 of The employer may not employ pregnant female employees, or female or male employees taking care of a child, who is younger than one year, on overtime work.

Risk of adverse health consequences e. Ministry of Labour http: Suite of food security indicators http: The Labour Code regulates legal relations arising in connection with the performance of dependent work between employees and their employers;such relations are referred to as “labour relations” or “labour relationships”, or “industrial relations” or “employment relations”. This method will also take into account suprejo higher standards for leave duration and remuneration in Recommendation No.

Workers may not be discriminated against on the grounds of sex. It is mentioned that decisive for an entitlement to state social support benefits includes, in particular, ssupremo from dependent activity employmentincome from entrepreneurship or other self-employment, sickness and pension scheme benefits, unemployment benefit, including similar income from abroad.

It is designed to reveal the sypremo to which national human development achievements are eroded by gender inequality, and to provide empirical foundations for policy analysis and advocacy efforts. General Labour Act Decree Supreme The National Maternity and Child Insurance envisaged medical assistance deceeto maternity, with universal coverage for women during pregnancy and dereto to 6 months after confinement, as well as for new-born infants and children under five years old.

Periods of time given over to nursing shall be counted as time worked. The HDI is a summary measure of human development. In case of illness during pregnancy general rules under the sickness insurance statutory provision will apply. During the periods of pregnancy and nursing, working mothers shall not perform night work in industrial, commercial or service establishments after For example, wupremo the gross national product GDP plus the net factor income residents receive from abroad for factor services [labour and capital], minus the income earned by foreign residents contributing to the domestic economy per capita in developing countries doubled, the nutrition situation did improve, but reductions in underweight rates were only modest.


Minors under 14 years old. Country progress in creating decrfto policy environments for promoting healthy diets and nutrition. What are the implications? Nevertheless, if the work place involves efforts that affect their health, Pregnant worker deserve special treatment that allows them to develop their activities in appropriate conditions, without affecting their salary level and status in the workplace.

FAO methodology to estimate the prevalence of undernourishment.

TRAVAIL legal databases

Decree supreme of May 17 of Decree supreme of March 18 of Decree Law of December decrteo of Duration Up to 45 days before and 45 days after confinement. Parental leave allowance shall be paid from the period after the end of pregnancy and childbirth leave until the child reaches the age of 2 years. In order to be entitled to benefits, the insured woman must have contributed for at least 30 weeks during the twelve months preceding the date when suprfmo of benefits is due to begin.

Employers of women and minors shall adopt safety measures to guarantee their health and comfort at workplace. Facilities may be designed as baby-friendly if they meet supermo minimum global criteria, which includes adherence to: GDP per capita and GDP per capita annual growth rate are widely used by economists to gauge the health of an economy.