There are two major objectives for this reference. One is to recommend practices that should be followed by clubs wishing to use DCC operations in conjunction. layouts. This manual gives many ideas, but in general remember that there .. layouts are now powered with. DCC. For very large NTRAK layouts with multi . In , NTRAK adopted a “Recommended Practice” (RP) for track wiring on mod-. The wiring practices described are based on Best Practices which have been demonstrated to work, both in a home layout and large modular layouts.

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Use the right throttle knob to change the ID, which can be 0 — 7. I think most of the problem was that the antique CJs were wearing out. Only the dimensions need be changed. Special information and rules are included throughout this document for large NTRAK layouts in excess of modules; these are clearly marked. While these throttles do provide a low-battery alarm, the signal may be missed by the operator, especially in a noisy environment.

Even a new battery can have sufficient internal resistance that will prevent proper operation jtrak a throttle, but this is rare. It interprets signals provided to it from throttles and converts them into the data packets that will control the locomotive and its functions.

However, as in the past whatever individual clubs do on their own is up to them. Expands system capacity slot refresh area to locomotives. You must remember to always point the throttle toward the UR90 or UR91 receiver. The successful operation of the DTxxxR and DTxxxIR throttles in prractices mode requires a battery mounted in each throttle to provide power to the throttle.

Rules for DCC Design and Operation of NTRAK Layouts | NRMRC

So the 12 gauge wire is not the solution all by itself. Common courtesy and respect in dealing with Members and the public, and in the handling of property belonging to Members and the public is important to the well-being and ongoing harmonious development of the Club. Is it cost, the effort to replace the wiring on you module, the difficulty in finding the proper parts? This makes it easy ntra, set the switch direction depending on which way the train is traveling.

A power strip is considered to be an extension of the house outlet. Visiting module owners can contribute to the setup by bringing compatible equipment cables, boosters, wireless throttles, etc.


There are several styles of throttles available, even from the same manufacturer. Courtesy and respect are especially important during periods of stress, such as during train show set-up, tear down and operations, and when visiting Members and other modelers at their homes. The Booster amplifies the packets received from the Command Station and sends them to the decoders through the track.

Operators that constantly throttle up and down, change direction, alter lights, etc. So you can have a power strip plugged into a wall outlet with half a dozen extension cords connected from it to half a dozen appliances. You must ensure the Boosters are in phase. The Universal Panels are simply screwed to the front of layours modules using a couple of small wood screws.

All tracks are powered so multiple actions can take place at the ngrak time, such as switching and make-up of trains in a yard. dcx

Be sure the rated current capacity of the switches exceeds the highest amperage required, ntrai that of the DCC Booster. The use of these Recommended Practices for new module wiring and retrofit to existing modules is strongly recommended. For a toggle switch in a model railroad application, current is more important than voltage.

NTRAK Standards and Recommended Practices

Essentially you will have tracks with insulated joiners in both rails at each end of the module. The engineering committee is always ready to help those in need, with suggestions as to the way to approach a problem area. Line-of-sight must be assured. For Larger Layouts Layouhs order to manage Command Station memory slots and keep locomotives with identical addresses from interfering with each other, there should be a programming station set up, using the PR1 ntraj Decoder Pro, ercommended program every locomotive that will be used on the layout, and then to release dispatch those addresses when the locomotives finish their run.

There should recommenedd no interference between side-by-side DCC layouts at a Train Show, and each can have locomotives with the same address. Tower is clamped to module and skyboard. This is repeated for each metal wheel set shorting at the frog. All of our present modules are variations of a plain old four footer with fold and lock legs, the side frames are simply extended to 6 ft in some cases, or capped with end wedges and a foam arc to be a 12 ft corner section.


Design allows for different height skyboards on modules.

Introduction & Overview | National Model Railroad Association

The various logos and heralds shown here are the property of their respective organizations. Some throttles allow control of two trains simultaneously. This is also why you generally need only one UR91 for most layouts. The number of trains that can be operated by practjces Booster depends on the current output of the Booster and the total current draw of the locomotives and lighted cars in the train.

A module is a portable section of table type structure which is but one part of a large group forr like tables which when all assembled together form a large and fully operating model railroad. A total reset of the Command Station to its factory default setting should be carried out at the start of each Show. You will be better than the standard, and a bit shy of the standard not quite grandfathered, but sort of an elderly uncle. Get Started with model railroading. Be sure the wire from the NTRAK connector wide blade goes to the switch terminal on the same side as the wire to the front rail.

Coin Test It is extremely important for the proper and safe operation of ntrai layout that a short circuit anywhere on the layout cause a device PM42 or Booster to shut down virtually immediately. It is extremely important for the proper and safe operation of the layout that a short circuit anywhere on the layout cause a device PM42 or Booster to shut down virtually immediately. Does anyone have any information on this plan? Power Poles are a very good idea, but alas I am leaving Ntrak because 12 gauge is overkill.

Ensure the connections are tight.

When desired this function can be used to enhance a prototype operating session. Last edited by a moderator: These are required for plugging in wireless throttles to select locomotives or to regain control as necessary. There are often small adjustments to be made but if care is taken and proper planning is done, these can be kept to a minor nature. You can be burned! Keep the people entertained.