In the preface to his Warhol book, Arthur C. Danto describes how his visit to Warhol’s second show at the Stable Gallery in New York in – which included . their meaning. Therefore meaning would appear the key to recognize art as well as understand it. My ambition in this essay is i) to demonstrate that Danto’s. art. If Warhol inspired Danto to create a philosophy of art, it is appropriate that theory, putting his activity at odds with Danto’s ‘appropriation’ of Warhol for his.

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To ask other readers questions about Andy Warholplease sign up. It raises and answers several questions that have been around since the contemporary art of the early XXth century appeared: The evident simplicity of Warhol’s art, which often takes the form of mechanical reproduction of familiar objects and images, can, to a first-time viewer of his work, hide the philosophical complexity on which it is based. In reference to these paintings, Danto writes “All religion is based on suffering and its radical relief” and that “It was as if the message of saviors had been translated into the universal language of cheap American advertisements.

Items can be more than they appear a Brillo Box can be art just as an ordinary cup could have been the Holy Grail or as Jesus is not just a man as you would imagine by just looking at himbut God.

Rather, it is an extended, academic essay by Danto outlining why Warhol was a significant force in the modern art world. Wahol short book was a great introduction to Warhol’s life and art. What’s the difference between an ordinary object and art?

Just as the vessel looks ordinary until we know it was once used by Christ, Warhol’s Brillo Box warhil something special once we know it is art. Triin rated it really liked it Oct 26, Warhol may have craved recognition but what artist doesn’t?

But if Danto had read the actual article he would have noticed that the term “Pop art” does not actually appear in it. Warhol was an early adopter in commenting through his art on this prefab culture and capitalist economy behind it. Mailing List Subscribe to our mailing list and get the latest news from Garage. I have somehow made it through an entire undergrad education without really earhol too much about Warhol a few days in Contemporary Art History, tops.


Subscribe to our mailing list and get the latest news from Garage. Does Art need to be beautiful? In January and February ofjust two months or so prior to the Bonwit Teller display, Warhol had purchased a Johns’ drawing of a light bulb and three Johns’ lithographs – Black Flag and two Targets. They tend to be so esoteric that I pretty well get disgusted by the whole art world.

Open Preview See a Problem? We look forward to seeing you from January 2. The last chapter drew in religous examples and talked xanto little about the Catholic Imagination.

Review of Andy Warhol by Arthur C. Danto

Here is what was actually said during the conversation between Berg and Warhol: It’s a short, engaging read and will leave you wanting to learn more about the man, his times, and most of all, contemporary art from Warhol’s reverberations in the 60s all the way up to their obvious outcomes today.

This is a very short book with some black and white illustrations. As always, Danto is brilliant in his light philosophy around Andy Warhol’s life and work. On December 31 and January 1 the Museum is closed. Danto is at his best when he is writing about what he has written about before – Warhol’s Brillo Boxes. Warhol moved into the first Factory on January 28, and into the second Factory during the week of February 5, Here is where Warhol’s vision has gone. Ah another book on Warhol.

Oct 26, Nat rated it really liked it Shelves: Warhol had no idea at the time that he painted them that the Soup Cans would be the success that they eventually became or how famous he would become as a result.


View all 3 comments. Danto’s assessment raises the obvious in Warhol’s work, essentially that it raised questions of what art is and what it is not. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I say “I think” in regard to the Dollar Signs because on dantl page Danto refers to them as “marvelously xanto and on the next as “too decorative and too playful. When Warhol went Pop he was risking quite a lot, including taking a financial risk.

Arthur Danto. The Artworld

The display included Advertisement – described by Danto as “a montage of black-and-white newspaper ads Drawing on Hegelian teleology, Danto breaks art history into a succession of stages. This book raised Andy Warhol’s importance to art in my eyes.

This is not a biography of Warhol. The author suggests that anything can be art, but only if an artist intends it to be so. Aug 26, Tosh rated it really liked it.

Arthur Danto. The Artworld

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Ranto different years, he was the vice-president and president of American Society for Aesthetics and American Philosophical Association, editor of Journal of Philosophy and a regular contributor to Naked Punch Review and Artforum.

Then again, I was never really much of a fan of Danto to begin with. He does not claim to hold the universal and absolute truth about Art, or Warhol, or that we should all agree with his point of view. Dsnto where Danto is writing about the Brillo Boxes – awesomeness.

So, the b Ah another book on Warhol. Does Art need to be understood?

It was not meant to designate an actual art movement. Mar 31, Myke Cole rated it really liked it.