C.J. Mahaney would have us remember that sometimes the most obvious truths are the very The Cross Centered Life is just such a reminder. Remember Jesus Christ? Although it seems almost too obvious, the center of our faith is surprisingly easy to forget. Dynamic pastor C.J. Mahaney shows. What Really Matters Have the extremities taken over and left the core of your faith forgotten? Do you get confused by what you feel versus what is real?.

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He’s alone so that we might never be alone. The Gospel must be the central focus that drives everything we do.

It will change you! Every Christian should read it. These are the central truths of the Christian faith, and Mahaney exhorts us to keep them at the center in all that we think and do, to keep “the gospel the main thing” as the subtitle says.

Mahaney shows how to overcome our tendency to move on from the gospel of grace.

Only one thing can be of first importance dross each of us. Subjectivism, which is we base truth on our feelings instead of the word of God. Move on to rejoicing in the Savior who came to save the worst of sinners.

Book Review – The Cross Centered Life – Tim Challies

It serves as a simple reminder of the affect of the Truth of what Christ has done for me – and drives home the fact that the Gospel is not just for the unsaved – quite the contrary actually. Be the first to ask a question about Living the Cross Centered Life. May 23, Casey rated it it was amazing. A book to be cherished, read, and re-read. Living the Cross Centered Life is a book that has found a permanent home on my bookshelf.


Living the Cross Centered Life: Keeping the Gospel the Main Thing

But while the book is quite short it is anything but light. It is well worth reading. There is no condemnation for me because of my Savior! Mahaney deals primarily with three: He can This book marked a defining moment in my relationship with God. May 16, Seth Lippert rated it it was amazing Shelves: What Really Matters Have the extremities taken over and left the core of your faith forgotten?

I mean passionate in thinking about it, dwelling on it, rejoicing in it, allowing it to color the way we look at the world.

Living the Cross Centered Life

This book is for the non-Christian and Christian. The gospel is life-permeating, world-altering, universe-changing truth. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

He taught about other things as well, but whatever he taught was always derived from, and related to, the foundational reality that Jesus Christ died so that sinners would be reconciled to God and forgiven by God. It has more facets than any diamond. This book belongs on that list that you read regularly Feb 06, Abigail rated it really liked it Shelves: Keeping the Gospel the Main Thing.

I enjoyed this book that centeered me stop and fully look at God’s love for me through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Dec 09, Henry rated it it was amazing.

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Mahaney, Living the Cross Centered Life: Mahaney takes us to the cross in such a way that we can indeed dwell there.

fross I agree with “Reminding ourselves of the gospel is the most important daily habit we can establish. It has more facets than any diamond. Mahaney, who shows you how to center every day around the cross of Calvary and how to escape the pitfalls of legalism, condemnation, and feelings-driven faith.


Its depths man will never exhaust. Someone who has been a Christian for some time might be tempted to think of the gospel as elementary, basic. We cenntered never get tired of the gospel or “graduate” from the gospel. He desires for me to be holy, but I do not have to carry around the guilt of not living up to His high expectations.

Living the Cross Centered Life by C.J. Mahaney | : Books

What pife wonderful book about the most important thing that matters. Study the Gospel These are just a few of my favorite quotes from the book: Although it seems almost too obvious, the center of our faith is surprisingly easy to forget. With practical suggestions, Mahaney demonstrates the difference between knowing the gospel… and making it the main thing in daily decisions and daily living.

Cry tears of amazement.

Mahaney cejtered so real and simple, you get such a down-to-earth insight into mahaneyy It has been a while since I have picked up a book that simply taught the importance of remembering the most fundamental truth in all the world. I firmly believe you will be encouraged, challenged, and refreshed in your relationship with Christ and what it means on a moment by moment basis. By his wounds we are healed. I’ve never looked back.