Title: Christe Redemptor omnium in festo Omnium Sanctorum Composer: Tomás Luis de Victoria. Number of voices: 4vv Voicing: ATTB Genre: Sacred, Office. Title: Christe Redemptor Omnium, Hymn for the Nativity (Victoria also set a hymn for All Saints with the same incipit, as explained on the. Christe Redemptor omnium (Felice Anerio) Original text and translations may be found at Christe Redemptor omnium, ex Patre. Retrieved.

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In verse 3, “Memento salutis auctor” for “Salutis auctor, recole”; In verse 5, “laudans exultat” for “laudat exultans”; In verse 7, “Gloria tibi Domine” for “Iesu, tibi sit gloria” and “sancto Spiritu” for “almo Spiritu”. Auferte gentem perfidam credentium de finibus, ut unus omnes unicum ovile nos Pater regat. Thus testifies the present day Through every year in long array, that Thou, salvation’s source alone proceedest from the Father’s Throne.

T O Thy poor servants reconciled show mercy, Christ, for whom the mild and Virgin Patroness this grace implore before Thy Rdeemptor face. Original text and translations may be found at Reedmptor Redemptor omnium, ex Patre. Whence sky, and stars, and sea’s abyss, and earth, and all that therein is, shall still, tedemptor laud and carol meet, the Author of thine Advent greet. J ESUthe Father’s only Son, whose death for all redemption won, before the worlds, of God most high, begotten all ineffably.

There are some minor textual variants: Web page content is available under the CPDL copyright license ; please see individual editions for their copyright terms. Views Read View source View history. Christe Redemptor omnium Composer: Transcribed from Musica Divina Vol. Retrieved from ” https: An appropriate chant has been added to supply the missing verses. Hic praesens testatur dies, currens per anni circulum, quod a solus sede Patris mundi salus adveneris; 3.


Chori sanctarum virginum monachorumque omnium, simul cum sanctis omnibus consortes Christi facite.

Hic praesens testatur dies, currens per anni circulum, omnikm a solus sede Patris mundi salus adveneris; 3 Thus testifies the redemltor day Through every year in long array, that Thou, salvation’s source alone proceedest from the Father’s Throne.

And we who, by Thy precious Blood from sin redeemed, are marked for God, on this, the day that saw Thy Birth, sing the new song of ransomed earth. Apostles with the Prophets plead for weeping sinners in their need, that from their Judge severe they gain pardon, effacing guilt’s dark stain.

There are some minor textual variants:. Original key and note values. This 6th century hymn is the traditional hymn for Vespers during the Christmas season.

Christe, Redemptor omnium

The original text of the hymn has been restored in the current liturgy and appears below. Felice Anerio Number of voices: Latin from the Liturgia Horarum, Tr cento from J.

Tu lumen, tu splendor Patris, tu spes perennis omnium, intende quas fundunt preces tui per orbem servuli. Vates aeterni iudicis apostolique Domini, suppliciter exposcimus salvari vestris precibus. Original text and translations Original text and translations may be found at Christe Redemptor omnium, ex Patre.

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Christe Redemptor omnium (Felice Anerio)

James Gibb submitted Christe, Redemptor omnium Christ, Redeemer of All. O choir of virgins, stainless band!

Sit Trinitati gloria, vestrasque voces iungite ut illi laudes debitas persolvamus alacriter. Only odd verses set Alternatim impares. Ye glorious hosts, whose circle nine before God’s throne refulgent shine, shield us with your celestial arms from past, present, and future harms.


Martyres Dei incliti confessoresque lucidi, vestris orationibus nos ferte in caelestibus. This hymn is attributed to Rabanus Maurus Nos quoque, qui sancto tuo redempti sumus sanguine, ob diem natalis tui hymnum novum concinimus. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account.

Salvation’s author, call to mind how, taking the form of humankind, born of a Virgin undefiled, Thou in man’s flesh becamest a Child. Hunc caelum, terra, hunc mare, hunc omne quod in eis est, auctorem adventus tui laudat exsultans cantico.

Iesu, tibi sit gloria, qui natus es de Virgine, cum Patre et almo Spiritu, in sempiterna saecula. The race perfidious expel from regions where the faithful dwell; let one sole shepherd be our guide, all Christians in one fold abide.

Ye purpled martyrs, you, now dressed in white because your lives confessed your Lord on earth, us exiles call unto the fatherland of all. Salutis auctor, recole quod nostri quondam corporis, ex illibata Virgine nascendo, formam sumpseris. Beata quoque agmina caelestium spirituum, praeterita, praesentia, futura mala pellite. In the Roman Breviary it appears as the hymn Placare, Christe, servulis. Works in Latin A cappella Sheet music Renaissance music.

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