Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Carlos Ruiz Zafón is the author of six novels, including the international phenomenon The Shadow of the Wind and The Angel’s Game. The Prince Of Mist by Carlos Ruiz Zafón – book cover, description, publication history. The Prince of Mist [Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Sarah Jane Coleman, Lucia Graves] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 1st Phoenix trade edition.

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Max looks up again, and sees the hand of the clown is now open to the misr. Knowing there is an extra bike in the garage, Max enjoys prunce flirtatious scene, and tells Alicia she will have to balance on Roland’s handlebars down to the beach. Alicia was struggling to hold her breath, so Roland pulled her to him, and though she tried to resist, he breathed the last of his air into her mouth and then pushed her away towards the surface. He lost a big card game to a man named Mr.

He then befriends a local boy called Roland, who takes him diving around the wreck of a sunken ship; rujz from Roland’s grandfather, the only survivor of the shipwreck, Max learns the story of the nefarious Cain, the Prince of Mist. Carloz all 13 comments. The Prince of Mist Author s: I’m still interested in the author’s work and will probably read any further adult novels translated into English, mainly on the strength of The Angel’s Game.

The sound effects add a creepy factor to the story at times. Victor is shaking as he tells Max the statues are gone, and asks where Roland is. We have a group of kids trying pirnce kill an Book 21 of o In the centre of the garden is the large statue of a clown set in another six-pointed star. Alicia enjoys being beneath the water with Roland, but then Roland spots a giant black shadow approaching them, and begins rushing Alicia back to the boat. Roland stands helplessly on the beach, watching as the Orpheus begins to rise from the water, and float upright.

Book 21 of Share this page with your friends.

The Prince of Mist (Niebla, #1) by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

He saw Jacob wading into the water, as if entranced by a mysterious water monster that was dimly visible in the mist off shore. Max takes his bike for a ride, and begins to explore the town. Max awakes to the sound of his family downstairs, and he goes down to join them for dinner. And they like to take pictures. Reading this sent shivers up my spine, put goose pimples on my arms, and it had me screeching like a little girl.


The camera operator enters the garden, revealing the mysterious statues, which look new, unlike the weathered state Max had observed them in.

When he goes to investigate, Max finds that the statues seem to consist of a kind of circus troop. Around his neck was a chain with a symbol of a six-pointed star in a circle. How do he and his troupe turn themselves into statues and why is this the only way for them to survive the sinking of their ship?

Max has the curious sensation that the statue is beckoning to him. Nice little story, although I wonder if it has enough excitement to satisfy young’uns raised on the Harry Potter series.

The Prince of Mist

The story is horror based and reminded me of IT. The next morning, Max wakes at noon and Alicia has left a note, saying that she is at the beach with Roland.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Hearing that Victor had constructed and moved into a lighthouse on the cliffs, Richard visited him one day, and Victor told him what had happened. Back at the Carver house, Irina feels her hands go numb, and she continues to fumble with the door, and she watches in horror as the key turns in the lock, finally stops moving, and is then pushed out of the keyhole, falling to the floor. He did not want Mr. Of huge ships… underwater. Inside, he discovers the statues depict ominous-looking circus characters, including a lion tamer, a contortionist, a fakir, a strong man, and some other ghostly characters, all are arranged in a star pattern around one central figure on a pedestal: There is a strange walled garden behind the house, filled with creepy statues of circus performers.

When they return to the house, Max and Alicia see an unfamiliar car in the driveway, which Roland recognizes as the car of the town Doctor, Dr. As they learn more about the wreck, the chilling story of a legendary figure called Prince of the Mists begins to emerge. You currently have JavaScript disabled in your web browser, please enable JavaScript to view our website as intended. Max later found out that the house was built by a couple who left the house after their son drowned.


I’m not even sure that it would’ve scared me when I was younger, just because it contains so many of the scary elements that you are used to in horror fiction.

Little, Brown Young Readers Availability: All of the above-mentioned reason made me curious to read it and see if it would scare me as much as I was hoping for. Es lo primero que leo del autor y no me arrepiento de haber empezado con su primer trabajo. Max decides to put the projector and films back into the box and then go to bed. Refresh and try again. After the first years of youth comes the second period, in which a person becomes aware of the fragility of life and what begins like a simple niggling doubt rises inside you like a flood of uncertainties that will stay with you for the rest of your days.

First published inAlan Garner’s fantasy adventure follows Colin and Susan, who come to stay in a lonely farm in the eerie rural landscape of Cheshire’s Alderley Edge. Victor agrees to help Richard by tracking down Cain.

If ‘Jacob’ was old enough to be filming with a video camera alone prior to his change of identity, how on earth can he not remember anything before his parents’ death? This field is required.

The first half of the book is fairly ordinary. And my Facebook feed is inundated with them when they come back from a dive.

The Prince of Mist – Wikipedia

It almost had an Alfred Hitchcock feel to it. And I’ll put it on my maybe booktalk list for next time I hit the middle schools. Zafon’s writing put me right into the character’s soul, describing everything in such a way that Duiz can almost feel and see what the characters are seeing and feeling.