Other Inquisitions. By Jorge Luis Borges. Translated by Ruth L. C. Simms; introduction by James Irby. This remarkable book by one of the great. Other Inquisitions, – Jorge Luis Borges: Life: essays, Otras inquisiciones (–) (Other Inquisitions, –), revealed him at his analytic. Jorge Luis Borges: Other inquisitions, – Translated by Ruth L. C. Simms. pp. University of Texas Press. $

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A worthy read, but one best dipped into at your points of interest rather than waded straight through. And yet obrges no point does he feel like borgess showing off. And seeking of course does mean finding: He collected the stories of a class and published them. He wrote two substantial pieces on the work and made frequent allusion to it in his themes and stories.

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Skip to content This past week my wife Nancy mentioned that Pope Francis and I have something in common. With extraordinary grace and erudition, he ranges in time, place, and subject from Omar Khayyam to Joseph Conrad, from ancient China to modern England, from world revolution to contemporary slang. A great read he is and a good one by you.

Riacquistato per affetto dopo decenni letto allora in prestito da un amico matto grazie a chi me lo ha fatto ricordare.

Borges was fluent in several languages. For more on the Kabbalah, its symbolism, and its effect on literature see: His reviews and commentary follow a different form of organization that convey a really erudite coffee shop conversation.

Just as Borges says: I look from the screen to Borges, whose expression is that of one who is waiting to hear the sound of inquisiyions tree falling in the forest.


The past is indestructible; sooner or later all things will return, inquiistions the plan to abolish the past. These essays cover topics such as metaphysics, dreams, absolute languages, the age of the earth, time, and history, and of course the power and meaning of Art.

Other Inquisitions by Borges, Jorge Luis

Lists with This Book. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, inuqisitions lovers and more. His essays read like his short stories; they are packed with complex circular associations. Borges riesce a distillare per noi delle immagini mentali nate millenni fa. Every letter of every alphabet contains its spiritual meaning because people convey their sensations through books.

In the epilogue Borges muses about his collection and states that he notices certain elements to be a feature of all the essays. Inquisitiojs I was thinking of the all-too-obvious humble piety connection that everyone would notice between he and I. He had few peers who could keep pace with his prodigious memory. The Bow and the Lyre Octavio Paz. All literature I would dare to answer is symbolic; there are a few fundamental experiences, and it is unimportant whether a writer, in transmitting them, makes use of the “fantastic” or the “real”, Macbeth or Raskolninov, the invasion of Belgium in August or an invasion of Mars.

After Borges rakes up an obscene number of wins, we sit next to a window, drinking a hot beverage and studying the colorful street scene outside.

He hands it to me. About Jorge Luis Borges.

Other Inquisitions, : Jorge Luis Borges :

He turns the laptop so that its screen is facing me. Do you learn anything? Classical literature, adventure novels, philosphy, obscure mystical tracts, half forgotten literary criticsm from the 19th century, absolutely everything is grist for his mill.


Borges finds many of Hawthorne’s morals contradictory and fanatical, but explains why his fiction remains so moving.

I was not aware that Hawthorne’s ancestor stood in judgment over the accused at the Salem witch trials, or that Hawthorne spoke against nude sculptures, or that he filled volumes of diaries with details like the movement of a hen or the shadow of a branch subsequently confounding Henry James!

Other Inquisitions, 1937–1952

La esfera de Pascal: Any sensation, not only human but animal as well, represents an unconscious perception of the Creator. The literature reviews – shorter than the preceding essays – are interesting because again they show how widely and without Borges would read.

The Tale of Genji receives a glowing review, as does Mathematics and the Imagination. In this outwardly fantastic book, Bradbury has set out the long empty Sundays, the American tedium, and his own solitude, as Sinclair Lewis did in Main Street.

One of these is Pascal. Each essay is like opening the door to a new room in your house, with windows that overlook fantastic but somehow familiar landscapes, so you come away from each new view with a different way of seeing what was already there. After some more ‘general’ essays like these he moves on to literature reviews and to movie reviews. borgss

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Ancient Panama Mary W. Jul 07, Arturo rated it really liked it. Borges is great at conveying his particular brand of subjectivity