Read “Binding Krista” by Jory Strong online on Bookmate – Fallon Mates, Book One For Adan d’Amato and Lyan d’Vesti, only a shared bond-mate will ensure. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jory Strong has been writing since childhood and has Binding Krista (Fallon Mates Book 1) – Kindle edition by Jory Strong. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Fallon Mates: Binding Krista [Jory Strong] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book 1 in the Fallon Mates series. For Adan d’Amato and Lyan.

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Yet she sees two guys – attractive guys It would amuse them to send us on a wild chase, or mate us to a human with nothing krita the Fallon in her.

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From what I read of the first book [and what I eventually ended up just skimming through], I probably wouldn’t proceed to read the next in the series. Whoever watches over her would not send us to this location if she were not going to be here. Mar 07, Piper rated it liked it Shelves: No strrong our appearance gave rise to their legends of angels and demons!

And I’m honestly not completely sure about any of what I just said. The intro to the next mate pair though – between Savannah, Kye, and Draigon – just seems too spicy to miss.


For Adan d’Amato and Lyan d’Vesti, only a shared bond-mate will ensure the continuance of their race.

It was an strpng book. On his wristbands, the gold crystals swirled in tune to his anticipation of a mate, an heir, the survival of his race. The scientists match bindinf single males up to human females who have compatible genes so they can have their babies. They show Krista how to trust to trust them in some very interesting ways.

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This is the first in the Fallon series. Come to Earth and claim the perfect, genetically-matched mate, the catch—it has to be done in pairs, a feather-winged Amato must share a lover with a bat-winged Vesti. The Vesti take what belongs to them when the time is right to take it. I was laughing all through this book because even the fantasy was embarrassingly hyperbolized that you could take NOTHING from the story. Nov 21, Jessica Gomez rated it liked it. Humans were packed in like miners on an old Ewellian transport.

Apr 23, BJ rated it it was ok. Fun sexy times with not one, but two dudes who are more than they seem. Was pretty good, liked the story-line and the fact her name was Krista: And now I want ibuprofen Lyan does what he wants and as such stays in trouble with the Council most of the time. Maybe its the science part of me but the thing they have to do is test humans for a Fallon gene, since they’ve mated with humans before thousands of years ago. Captured by the Cyborg. Between the noise that their mechanical machines made, and the sound of their voices, it was enough to send a less-seasoned warrior running for cover.


Visit the Help Center – Close X. Adan was the light-hearted one, from what I could see. Krista is on the run from her boyfriend.

Lots of sex, not much of a story. So their mission is important on a personal and global level. Sad to say, orista just too much a lot of other alien Scifi erotica Interviews, Aliens, and Seduction.

In saying that, we have two hunky, hot guys wanting to protect and see to her pleasure in bed. They are from a different universe with different rules and structures where their Council have determined Krista Thomas to be a genetically compatible human mate and have sent the men to Earth to claim, bind and bring her home with them.

While it wasn’t anything drastic it was still irritating.