Ozyr’s Astrocade (Bally Arcade) Instruction Site. [ Emporium Index | Astrocade Index]. Bally PROFESSIONAL ARCADE FUN & BRAINS. OWNERS MANUAL. Welcome to the unofficial Astrocade (Bally Arcade) Video Game Instruction Site. Here you will find the instructions needed to play Astrocade. A fantastic party game that’s absolutely addictive for 2 players or teams. LOADING INSTRUCTIONS. 1. Turn on your Astrocade and TV set, then select channel 3.

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On the Astrocade the pins needed to use this “trick” were not connected. Bally Astrofade Bally Astrocade Manual: Bally Astrocade 93 93 Bally Astrocade Manual: It was originally announced as the “Bally Home Library Computer” in October and initially made available for mail order in December With this system it will be necessary to supply a 75 ohm to ohm matching transformer available from you dealer or any television service center.

Cosmic Raider Astrovision [] Topics: Video game consoles second generation. Your Bally Professional Arcade is equipped with a number of astgocade features which are not found in other “Programmable type” video games. PRINT command, while your program is still in the computer. Astroacde left unattended for approximately four minutes, the Professional Arcade will blank the screen, thus, preventing any burned-in images.


Bally Limited Warranty Card Bally. Simply move the selector switch to the Mode desired. There are colors obtainable with Scribbling. Solor Conqueror Astrovision [] texts eye favorite 0 comment 0 Bally Astrocade Manual: Football Bally [] texts eye favorite 0 comment 0 Bally Astrocade Manual: Collision Course Wavemakers.

This page explains how to save to tape using the baud audio cassette interface that is built into the cartridge. Posted Thu Jun 22, 1: With all the information you have here about programming, I’m surprised that there isn’t a Programming subforum.

Bally Astrocade

Thanks for the suggestion. Every time you out last instructiins of your opponents, you receive one point. Bally Astrocade Cartridge How might I go about doing that?

Now I can finally save the programs instead of writing them down! Bally Astrocade 92 92 Bally Astrocade Manual: Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Make charts and graphs to display important information, forecast the performance of your favorite stock, or show the peaks in your household expenses. Review hand control actions for each individual game.

The number of games remaining will show at the top middle of the screen. At about the same time a 3rd party group had been unsuccessfully attempting to bring their own console design to market as the Astrovision.


Bally Astrocade Instructions @ Ataricom

Bally Astrocade 85 85 Bally Astrocade Manual: Must be followed by appropriate number key to secure correct memory from storage. Not only does the Bally Professional Arcade contain three great games, but is also has a 5-function, 10 memory, printing calculator that will store and scroll up to 92 entries on your television screen.

Bally Astrocade 81 81 Bally Astrocade Manual: Then pull trigger, adjust knob and pull trigger again to enter you choice. Decimal – Enters a decimal point.

Bally Astrocade 75 75 Bally Astrocade Manual: Given the length of the video, I’d suggest adding a few timecodes in the description – denote when you’re talking about various subjects in instrucions someone just wants to reference a specific astfocade of operating it.

Computer Warm-Up Instruction Bally. Music Maker I Astrovision [] Topics: Adjust the knob to indicate the number of games you wish.

Bally Astrocade 86 86 Bally Astrocade Manual: