Nasional,” in Masalah-Masalah Pembangunan Bunga Rampai Antropologi Terapan, ed. Denpasar: Biro Hukum dan HAM SETDA Provinsi Bali, Orang Kristen Bali,” in Bali di Persimpangan Jalan (Sebuah Bunga Rampai, eds. Masalah-masalah Pembangunan: Bunga Rampai Antropologi Terapan, Jakarta: ——() Hukum Adat Sebagai Suatu Model Hukum, Bagian I (Historis). Karena itu, hukum Islam sebagai tradisi besar dan hukum adat. Besemah sebagai Antropologi Hukum: Sebuah Bunga Rampai, Jakarta: Yayasan Obor .

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On the other hand, SCT provides clear restrictions on claims that can be filed by consumers. At the completion done by SCC, the assemblies that ahtropologi the case come from active and retired judges, while in BPSK the assemblies come from government, businessman and consumer with different backgrounds. Practical Strategies for Resolving Conflict.

In Papuan culture which consist of tribes, local wisdom norm, rules and custom are very strong in regulating human relationship with The Creator, human relations with human being and human relations with the natural environment including managing human relationship with the land, especially value land, ownership and utilization for surviving.


Introduction to the Disputing Process: Kajian Empiris Terhadap Pengadilan. Your Right as a Consumer.

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Email the author Login required. User Username Password Remember me. The difference in settlement through three institutions is that BPSK is a formal institution which resolves small disputes with low-cost, but does not limit the size of the lawsuit filed by consumers. Tanah Kita, Hidup Kita: Issue 3 First Online: Subscription Hukjm to verify subscription. Doctoral dissertation, University of Airlangga. The findings of the author, there are 8 basic customary land ownership in Papua culture recognized by every tribes in Papua.

International Journal of Sciences: Prasangka dan KonflikYogyakarta: Sistem Politik Tradisional di Irian Jaya. Law in Ten Societies New York: De Gruyter – Sciendo. Diterbit atas ke rjasama PT.

Sign in to annotate. Time Book International Singapura Press. Perbedaan Faham Dalam Agama Islam.

KRIMINOLOGI – Definition and synonyms of kriminologi in the Malay dictionary

Santoso Tomas,Teori-Teori Kekerasan. The article about local wisdom in ownership, use and conflict resolution of Papuan customary land was taken from ethnographic research conducted by the author in Papua. System Politik tradisional di irian Jaya. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences. Sincebased on the mandate of Article 49 paragraph 1 of Law no. Article Tools Print this article.


Joni Emirzon,Op. References Sudiyat Iman, “Asas-asas hukum adat: Abstract Sebuh article about local wisdom in ownership, use and conflict resolution of Papuan customary land was taken from ethnographic research conducted by the author in Papua. Paradigma Resolusi Konflik Agraria.

Consumer Dispute Resolution: A Comparative Study between Indonesia and Common Law System Countries

Mediasi dan Advokasi Konsep dan Implementasinya. Email this article Login required. User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content. Keywords Local wisdom; ownership; utilization and customary land conflict.