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Passengers are never authorized to proceed 2t2551 to the aircraft and bypass the passenger terminal. Passenger service personnel will be summoned to the aircraft with a handheld magnetometer to conduct the inspection. The aircraft commander will provide an inspection and give the required documentation to passenger service personnel.

Before you re-scan the area the item was removed from, and re-accomplish a scan of the entire body. Before you re-scan the area the item was removed from, and then have them enter the walk-through magnetometer. Contacting their unit to request a character reference and authorization to travel without screening.

A passenger declares a weapon in his or t2251 checked baggage before placing the bag on the x-ray machine. You are screening a passenger who is authorized to carry a loaded weapon and the walk-through magnetometer alarms. Ensure they have all been downloaded from the aircraft and have all of their handcarried items secure.

A leave form or pass, official military orders, a passport, visas, and vaccination records only. Give them a brief explanation of the roll call process to include categories t2251 date and time of cd. Three copies; one to the passenger, one for passenger service records, and one for the in-flight kitchen. Consumption factors from previously flown missions along the same route and the actual number of passengers manifested only.

Monthly data the in-flight kitchen submits to the passenger terminal managers and the actual number of passengers manifested only. Consumption factors from previously flown missions along the same route and the monthly data the in-flight kitchen submits to the passenger terminal 2h251 only. Tell the passenger to report to the baggage service center for mishandled baggage tracer action.

CDC 2t251 Volume 3

List all articles reported missing and the estimated value of each and notify the security and law enforcement agencies. Annotate the ccc in the statement block cxc the AF IMT and describe the action you took to recover it.

Remove the dirty racks, clean the oven interior, install clean racks and ensure the oven is operational. After USDA inspection and approval, place them in two plastic bags and incinerate or sterilize them at an approved facility. An ATOC representative is required to make additional trips to an aircraft during extended delays, mission reroutes, or load or aircraft swaps. Survey Maker Flashcards See All. CDC 2t Volume 3. Please take the quiz to rate it. During the Quiz End of Quiz.

Title 2h251 New Duplicated Quiz:. A copy of this quiz is in your dashboard. Go to My Dashboard. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature.

CDCMastery – 2T Volume 1 EC04 Practice Test

During an anti-hijacking inspection, when will you brief passengers that prohibited carry-on items must be placed in their check baggage or they will be confiscated? If an authorized distinguished visitor DV will be going directly to the aircraft and not through the passenger terminal for travel, how will this passenger receive an antihijack inspection? After they present their weapons training card to passenger terminal personnel. When engaging an enemy force immediately after airdropping or landing.


Before passengers walk through the magnetometer, they must. Show a copy of their identification ID card and valid travel orders. When an individual activates the walk-through magnetometer twice, what action should you take. Silence the walk-through magnetometer and allow them to pass through again.

What is the first thing you should do when operating the hand-held metal detectors to inspect passengers? Head, followed by the outline of the body, the front, and then the back. Feet, followed by the outline of the body, the back and then the front. When inspecting passengers with the hand-held metal detector and it locates metal, you must have them remove the metal item.

Show it to you and replace it, and then you simply continue scanning the entire body. Consenting to a frisk by security forces personnel or sign an anti-hijacking waiver. Consenting to a frisk by security forces personnel or be denied boarding. To operate properly, what do most explosives detection devices require before you use them?

You should activate the duress alarm if. You notice anything suspicious or find an undeclared weapon or other dangerous article. What is the first step in briefing passengers? Prepare yourself so you know exactly which information you need to brief them about the subject. Place an AMC Form 29 on their baggage and deny them access until they reach their destination. Open another counter to help more passengers get through the processing line.

After attempting to look up the information, give your best educated guess.

A leave form 2t215 pass, official military orders, a passport, and visas only. When making a flight information announcement about a departing flight that has been delayed, you should update passengers every.

Give them operational details about a flight that may make them uncomfortable. Tell them to be travel ready and let them know when you change space-available categories.

After determining travel 2t2251 for space-required passengers, to check travel clearances, you must determine if 2t521 passenger is eligible to travel to the destination by checking the required documents such as passports, visas, and immunization records for.

During the task of determining eligibility for space-available travel, under which travel category may uniformed service members travel while on permissive temporary duty TDY orders for house hunting? A passenger can be categorized as cd Blue Bark passenger when the passenger is. When a passenger is too large to be safely restrained in a single aircraft seat using a single seatbelt, handle him or her as you would. An infant less than six 2251 old and women who are less than six weeks postpartum.

A Phoenix Raven passenger flying on a special mission to accompany aircrew. Before space-available passengers can be entered into the space-available register, which form must they complete.

Leave them on the register until the page is full and create a new one. While updating and maintaining the space-available standby listing on 23 Apr 09, which passenger with the following date and time of sign-up will you 2t215 from the listing?

While selecting passengers for a flight, which would you select first? Xdc, priority 1 passenger with a date and time of sign-up of 1 May 09 at Space-available category I passenger with a date and date of sign-up of 30 Apr 09 at If a space-available passenger is not present for a roll call, you should.

Mark the passenger as not present on the space-available standby listing. Two copies; one to the passenger and one for passenger service records.


When preparing the Department of Defense DD FormPassenger Manifest, when individuals enter their name, grade, signature and date in the manifest certification blocks, they are certifying 2t2511. When preparing in-flight meal requests, you would offer passengers a lunch meal if the aircraft will be in the air from. While you are passing meal orders to the in-flight kitchen for a C—5 that departs atwhat is the latest time you can pass a tentative and final meal order of 61 meals?

CDC 2T Volume 2 – ProProfs Quiz

When preparing the AMC FormIn-flight Meal Supplemental Worksheet, from which source document will you get the information to enter the line numbers, type of meal, and passenger costs in section V? Space-required passenger traveling on a commercial-contracted aircraft. Space-available passenger traveling on a commercial-contracted aircraft. When determining pet shipping charges, you will charge a passenger for one excess baggage piece when the combined container and pet weight.

What is the first step in determining pet shipping charges? What is the first step when turning in cash collections? Have your supervisor place all 2t521 in a safe, inside a secure area. Balance your cash drawer by taking out all the money you collected during your shift. Turn in four copies of the DD Form to finance and keep the last copy for the station file. What is the last step when giving a passenger a refund?

If you are loading passengers on a C—17 that departs at 22t51, at what time should the last passenger be loaded on the aircraft to protect against mission delays?

CDC 2t251 Volume 1

When you are downloading passengers off of a C—5, the first passenger you would allow to deplane first would ccc a. Space-required passenger traveling on permanent change of station orders.

If a passenger originating out of your station on emergency leave was manifested on the 03R1 mission which has been delayedhow many hours do you have to move that passenger? After you have completed your final 2t2251 on the aircraft and discover you are missing one passenger who is listed on the manifest, what is your next step? Return to the terminal to make an announcement to locate the passenger. Call the downline station 2r251 have them ship the baggage back when they receive it.

When receiving baggage from a terminating flight in the baggage claim area, if you discover two unclaimed articles 30 minutes after the last passenger has claimed his or her baggage, what is your next step.

Mark them with the mission number and transfer them to the lost and found section. Mark them with the mission number, remove all baggage tags, and secure them in a locked area. When pre-booked pets are accepted in soft—sided containers, what is the maximum number of pets allowed in the cabin? If a passenger has just reported a mishandled bag to you but cannot provide the boarding pass or baggage claim checks, what is your next step?

Cross-reference the passenger manifest to make sure the passenger was manifested on the flight. Report the passenger to the security forces for making a false baggage claim report. In how many copies will you prepare the form and to whom does the original go?